The tweet about ripple by SBI holdings co. ltd CEO.

SBI holdings which cooperate with ltd from The U.S,
the twitter where the CEO Kitao mentions gets be popular among individual investors of Cryptocurrencies in Japan.

The CEO Kitao tweets about Ripple on his twitter

On the twitter of the CEO Kitao, SBI,
he tweets of all sorts about world news like Donald Trump, North korea, economics etc.
They were release as retweet so the number of Likes are a little every time as below.

Of couse, he is top of the company which the annual sales is 1.4 billion dollars on.
Therefore, he must be busy so much and not worry about the number of Likes.
He hardly leave the comment on his twitter.

But he only leave the coment on one case,

That’s a news about Ripple.

For example, Sharing a tweet of the CEO,ripple.
We can feel the enthusiasm towards ripple when he tweeted about the experiment used XRP between thailand and Japan as global realtime settlement network.

In these days, he tweeted for the news that ripple cooperates with the central bank of Saudi Alabia.

and as above,the number of Likes increases due to the tweet about ripple.

The number of tweets about ripple or cryptocurrencies is 20 in 100 tweets.

Why SBI holdings is so enthusiastic?


SBI invests to ripple massively.

SBI and Ripple establish the new financial company named “SBI RIPPLE ASIA co. ltd” to be a pioneer on the global realtime settlement network department.
SBI has 60% stocks and is a biggest shareholder.

SBI plans to set up a Cryptocurrencies exchange in Japan. They expect that their Cryptocurrencies exchange will be the most reliable.
The CEO, Kitao says that collecting the capable technology all over the world, we work on managing the exchange .
Among Japanese investors, the expectations opening SBI’s Exchange increase safely and developing.